Deep Carpet Cleaning in Fullerton, CA

This is a carpet cleaning job we had to share with you. We figured many of you should find interest in this article elaborating about the issues of a really dirty carpet. As we refer to it in the company “college  dirty” for the condition of the carpet that we cleaned. So, lets have fun and get deeper into this deep carpet cleaning in Fullerton, CA.

Carpet cleaning in Fullerton, CA, for college students

A few things are typical to find in a student apartment. Mostly you will find food and drink spills around the carpet, however, heavy foot traffic is really what makes it worse. Due to the high rent amounts in southern California, each room is normally shared with at least one more student. Therefore, in a 2 bedroon apartment you will find 4-6 adults living their collegiate life.The typical apartment grade carpet is not strong enough to hold the amount of foot traffic that 4 adults would leave on it regularly. So, the black stricks on the carpet are building up. In addition, once the food and the drinks are spilling on the carpet, the dirt from the outside will catch on it much worse. That will pop up as deep black stains that usually come in a circular manner.

What can we do to help?

It truly takes great experience with the toughest stains to be able to life them up. However, we will give you a really good tip here that would help you in case you are trying it yourself. Use the correct product for the stain you are trying to remove and use a lot of it. On this carpet cleaning in Fullerton, CA, we have used a strong traffic booster to be able to fight the black stains and foot traffic all around the house.Please contact Dr. Carpet Orange for more information about our carpet cleaning in Fullerton, CA.