Dr. Carpet Orange is offering a variety of tile and grout cleaning solutions

In the city of Orange we see many styles of floors and home decor. In addition to carpet and wood floors, tile floors are very common in the city of Orange. The reason behind it might have to do a lot with the cosmetic look of the floor. However, in the hot summer days the homes in Orange heat up quite a bit and the tile floors really help the home cool down. In addition to the cooler atmosphere at the home, there is another factor that pushes our customers to go with tile floors instead of carpet. Tile floors require much less upkeep and maintenance. It is much easier to clean your tile floors with basic equipment you find in every home. As opposed to carpet cleaning that really needs professional equipment. However, with time your tile floors will also need professional tile and grout cleaning.

Not all tile and grout cleaning is the same

Nevertheless, not all tile and grout cleaning is the same. Between regular ceramic tiles and live stone tiles there is a big difference in approach. Live stone, just like the name of it, has a tendency to absorb fluids that come in contact with it. Of course that means dirt and other stains, while also cleaning chemicals. Therefore, the approach for cleaning a live stone is slightly different, and in order to renew the floor a complete buffering is needed.

The essence of tile and grout cleaning

Our tile floors composed of difference types of tiles that are connected with a line  of grout that protects the edges of the tile, while also adding a decorative look. Most grout lines are lower than the tile floor, therefore, when cleaning the floor much dirt tends to reside on the grout and with time become black  and sink into the grout. For this reason tile and grout cleaning is recommended every now and then on every floor. Using high pressure with heated steam, together with a rough scrubbing brush and accurate products for the job, we are able to restore the original look to your floor. In addition, it is highly recommended to seal the grout line after every deep tile and grout cleaning job.For more information about our tile and grout cleaning in Orange, please contact Dr. Carpet Orange.