Same day dryer vent cleaning by Dr. Carpet Orange

same day dryer vent cleaning is an essential service. The need for dryer vent cleaning is not often occurring. However, when it does happen, the need for immediate service is a must. The main reason for it is the hazard potential it holds of setting up on fire

Dryer vent cleaning will prevent over heating of your dryer

The clothes dryer generates tremendous amount of heat. Therefore, we can assume that if your dryer vent is clogged, the build up heat in the vent could cause sever damage. However, you can ask, but why is my dryer vent getting clogged? Some of you may also ask, I got a new dryer, why is it not working properly? Well, in order to answer these questions we must understand the operation of the dryer vent first.

Dryer vent cleaning for lint build up

Most of us can not see whats inside our dryer vent. With time the lint generated by our drying clothes is being gathered in small quantities inside the dryer vent. Moreover, with time and humidity, the lint will build up to the point it blocks the air from exiting your dryer vent. Therefore, you will notice the dryer is not drying your clothes properly. Also, you may experience an overheated dryer vent, which sometimes could catch on fire.

Dryer vent cleaning of various lengths

In most home the typical dryer vent length is roughly 7-10 linear feet long. This is considered a basic and regular size dryer vent cleaning. However, in some apartment buildings and different home styles the dryer vent could reach up to 25 feet long. We have cleaned a dryer vent the size of 5 stories high. Therefore, dryer vent cleaning based on its shape, difficulty level and amount of build up could vary in the amount of work as well. So, we recommend next time you call us for any carpet cleaning service in Orange or anywhere in Orange County, please ask us to check your dryer vent as well.For more information about our dryer vent cleaning service, please contact Dr. Carpet Orange.