Dr. Carpet Orange is the pet stains and odor removal specialists

In the city of Orange, CA, a large part of the local residents has pets in their homes. Whether you have a dog or a cat, the pets will always leave some kind of a mess behind. In most cases you will find hair around the house, on the carpet and your upholstery furniture. In addition, in many cases you will also have to deal with constant pet accidents such as urine and throw up. Therefore, pet stains and odor removal service is necessary in every home with pets.In addition, it is not only the pet stains that really demand the attention, but mainly the bad odor. It is true that the cosmetic look of the yellowish stains on your carpet is not appealing. However, the real danger in pet stains is actually the bacteria that dwells in the stain. This same colony of bacteria is really what causes the bad odor. Also, in many cases it could actually dye your carpet as well in that spot exactly. Therefore, pet stains and odor removal carpet cleaning is an important service in every pet friendly home.

How do we clean pet stains and removing odors from your carpet?

Pet accidents are really one of the toughest jobs in the carpet cleaning world. Not only the pet stain soaks into the carpet fibers, but also it goes underneath into the pad. That makes it much harder for us, professional carpet cleaners, to do a perfect job. However, with the right equipment and carpet cleaning products every job is doable.So what do we use in order to remove pet stains and bad odors from your carpet? Well, it is quite simple, the key aspect of our success is the enzyme.

Pet stains ultimate removal with full power enzyme

The Enzyme is a live organic bacteria that kills all other bacteria without damaging the material it is placed on. Therefore, it is the perfect green carpet cleaning solution for your home. You can neutralize the odors and the bacteria in one shot. In addition, due to the technical difficulties of reaching underneath your carpet and into the pad, we have a trick. Our carpet cleaning trick is to use %100 pure form of enzyme with no dilutions in order to provide the highest potency of the product.For more information about our same day pet stain and odor removal carpet cleaning service, please contact Dr. Carpet Orange.