24/7 commercial carpet cleaning by Dr. Carpet Orange

Over the years the nature of work and working hours have changed quite a bit. Now, more than ever, late night commercial carpet cleaning has become a typical service we provide. In order to avoid interrupting the natural flow of work during working hours, we complete the job over night and get the working environment ready for the next day. Our commercial carpet cleaning service is geared to work with you on your specific time and availability. So the only worry you have is to continue the the work flow of your business.

Dr. Carpet Orange commercial carpet cleaning solutions

The city of Orange, CA, has a variety of commercial properties with a constant need of maintenance and carpet cleaning. Moreover, the different properties are of different sizes, therefore, consist of a variety of specific needs. Larger spaces and smaller places often will have a different approach for commercial carpet cleaning. In addition, the nature of your business will have much to determine about the carpet cleaning method you would need in order to revive your carpet.

Commercial carpet cleaning pricing and packages

Another aspect for commercial carpet cleaning consideration is the budget for the job. Commercial carpet cleaning jobs vary from $0.07/square foot and all the way up to $0.4/square foot. The main reason for the price range is the amount of dirt being tracked on the carpet. Also, in some companies some grease and other stains may also be a part of the overall condition of the carpet. In addition, the size of the job will take a major role in the over all price. Therefore, it is our recommendation to contact Dr. Carpet Orange in order to get an in depth quote and cleaning plan that would maintain the revived look of your carpet over the years for the right budget that fits your needs.