Professional carpet cleaning in Orange, California.

We would like to share a story about a recnt carpet cleaning service we performed in Orange, California. It was just in the past couple of days that we got a call late at night for a next day cleaning. Of course we would do anything for our customer, and we moved some stuff around and were able to book it for 1pm. Finally we arrived on time to the job site and realized it was a move in carpet cleaning in Orange, California. However, this move in was from a nieghborhood next door. So, thankfully there was not rush driving back and forth for the customer.As we met with the customer in the begining, we did the full walk through of the new house they had just purchased. The carpet was a beautiful white plush carpet. However, it was not well maintained over the years, and it also seems a previous carpet cleaning job was not professional. Yes, we were able to see strick marks on the carpet. Therefore, we emphasized the importance of using a professional carpet cleaning service for lengivity of the carpet.

Best carpet cleaning in Orange, California.

Luckily the new customers had chose us to perform the true deep cleaning for their carpet as they were moving in. Moreover, we were able to remover most of the stains off the carpet as could be seen in the photo of this article. So, the customer wanted to know really what makes the big difference between the best carpet cleaning in Orange, or an amature one. For that we replied back with 3 main factors.

Best carpet cleaning equipment

First, by using the best carpet cleaning equipment we are able to penetrate deeper into your carpet with a strong ability to remove and suck back out the deep stains. In addition, our truck mounted machine generates heat at 230 degrees, so we can make a difference.

Best carpet cleaning products

Although we use the best carpet cleaning products in the industry, we think more is needed. In addition to that, we also use large amount of product. We do not cut any corenrs on a cleaning. We always bring out our best and use as much product as needed.

Experts in carpet cleaning

After years of experience we can share with you that great equipment and products are great, however, not enough. If you do not know which products to use and how to adjust the power on the machine, then you are missing the point. Yes, your carpet will get much cleaner. However, in many cases you can also damage it by leaving residue behind.Therefore, to schedule the best carpet cleaning in Orange, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Orange.