We offer professional commercial carpet cleaning Orange County, California.

Being the leading carpet cleaning service in Orange County means a lot on many levels. It means we have be the the experts in every detail, use the best carpet cleaning products and provide top of the line customer service. Part of the second to non customer service we offer our customers is same day carpet cleaning in Orange County. Moverover, that stretches also for the weekend. On weekends we find most businesses booking their carpet cleaning needs. Therefore, we offer professional commercial carpet cleaning Orange County over weekends and nights as well. When it comes to restuarants and other entertainment based businesses, over night commercial carpet cleaning is a must.However, over the last weekend we offered a rainy day commercial carpet cleaning for our long time customer. Once you get the message that headquarters is coming for a routine visit, showing a clean office is a necessity. Therefore, this sunday was very important in order to show a clean working environement.

Deep commercial carpet cleaning Orange County.

Commercial carpet cleaning is a tricky service. The nature of the short piled carpet and mostly glued down causes it act differently than residential carpet. Therefore, some portable and spinning machines are used often to give you a commercial carpet cleaning solution. However, it would not resolve your problems for longer than a few days. You really need a truck mounted deep carpet cleaning in some cases. We can help you with all. Over this sunday we were called for a carpet cleaning in Orange County. In Fullerton, California, to be exact. And the carpet in this large office building was very dirty. The sales departmenthad many spills and foot traffic stains. Also, the stairs had trails of spilled liquid as well. Therefore, we treated this carpet as 100% spotted carpet. Meaning, we formulated a powerful 1:1 carpet cleaning formula. The formula really worked magic as you can see in the photo.For more information about our commercial carpet cleaning Orange County, please contact Dr. Carpet Orange.