Pet Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning in Orange, CA.

Pet stain removal is a tough project. It depends on the size of the dog, the food the dig has been eating and of course, the time spent in the carpet. In addition, one more factor determines the odds for removing the pet stain and that is whether you have used an over the counter product. Nevertheless, with our Dr. Carpet special pet stain removal formula we are able to work the toughest stains. Just like we did in our pet stain removal carpet cleaning in Orange, CA, today. As you can see in the photo, this pet stain was deep into the carpet. Therefore, we had to bring in our heavy machinery and slowly work the stain out of the carpet.In tough cases of pet stain removal we use the flood method. The way this mehtod work is by applying large amount of pet stain removal formula into the carpet. Then, we target our special suction tool on the troubled area in order to completely remove all the residue of the product and the urine out of the carpet. Gladly in this tough case of pet stain removal carpet cleaning in Orange, CA, we were very successful.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Orange, CA.

In order to offer you the most up to date and best carpet cleaning solutions, it takes a true professional. Years of experience and great expertise in the field will provide you with the best carpet cleaing results. We are able to bring you these results with our technicians every time. In addition, a true professional carpet cleaning service will develop technicques over the years that increase the odds of removing the toughest stains off your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Orange County, California.

Being so centrally located in Orange County, we are able to offer all Orange Coutny customers our top rated carpet cleaning service. Yes, that means our enfamous same day carpet cleaning in Orange County reaches every door from San Clemente to Anaheim and Seal Beach. We have served carpet cleaning in Orange County for well over a decade. In addition, we became familair with most communities and serve daily carpet cleaning service in your area.For more information about our same day carpet cleaning in Orange, CA, please contact Dr. Carpet Orange.