Professional Carpet Cleaning in Orange County, California With Scotch Guard Application.

Many of your buying a new carpet are not aware of basic instructions of keeping the best maintenance for your new carpet. When your carpet comes from the factory, it has x amount of years of warranty. Some carpet manufacturers offer lifetime warranty from stains etc. However, do you really know what it takes to comply with the warranty fine print? Well, here we will share with you some of the key points of keeping your carpet in its best shape. Although carpet cleaning in Orange County, Calfornia is increasing in overall understanding, some major aspects of periodical maintenance are still lacking.

Carpet Cleaning in Orange County Every 6-8 Months.

In order to comply with the factory warranty, a steam carpet cleaning service is a must every 6-8 months. The reason is if you wait over 8 months for a carpet cleaning, your carpet’s deterioration is accelerated. Therefore, it is important you keep an ongoing maintenance with a professional carpet cleaning service in Orange County. This will help you keep a clean and good looking carpet for a longer time.

Do Not Do The Carpet Cleaning Yourself.

Many of you believe that you have the skills and knowledge to do a deep carpet cleaning service by yourself. You rent a machine or buy a very expensive carpet cleaner that is supposed to steam clean your carpet. However, the lack of heat that create the steam, and the lack of suction power hold you back. Not only you will not clean the carpet, but eventually what happens is that you sink all the dirt deeper into your carpet. Therefore, making it much harder for a professional carpet cleaning service in Orange County to restore the carpet to what it was.

Carpet Cleaning in Orange County and Scotch Guard Application.

When you buy a new carpet it comes dipped in a scotch guard tub from the factory. However, the every day foot traffic slowly removed it from the carpet. In addition, a regular carpet cleaning service will also remove a layer of the scotch guard as well. Therefore, it is strongly advised to add a scotch guard carpet protectant every 2-3 carpet cleaning services.When you will follow this footsteps for keeping a good maintenance on your new carpet, you will comply with warranty. However, when you will choose to keep a proper maintenance on your carpet, you will not have to use the warranty as your carpet will looks like new.For more information about our carpet cleaning in Orange County, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Orange.